The Sociology of the Invisible Hand (Table of content / draft)

Adriana Mica, Rafał Wiśniewski, Katarzyna Wyrzykowska and Iwona Zielińska (eds.)

Peter Lang (work in progress)

(6 July 2017)


Table of content



Adriana Mica, Katarzyna Wyrzykowska, Iwona Zielińska and Rafał Wiśniewski: Three in One: Invisible Hand-Type Theories in Sociology


Part 1: Related, but different from the invisible hand

  • Craig Smith – The Invisible Hand and Political Philosophy
  • Jocelyn Pixley – Money versus System Integration Concepts
  • Karl-Dieter Opp – The Interdependence of Spontaneous Order and Institutional Design: Table Manners, Daylight Saving Time, Language, and the Erosion of Institutional Design Under Communist Rule
  • Zbigniew Szkop, Rafał Wiśniewski and Marta Sylla – Payment for Ecosystem Services as a Potential Remedy for Market Failures
  • Frederick G. Whelan – Contrary Effects and the Reverse Invisible Hand in Hume and Smith (reprint chapter 4 from Political Thought of Hume and his Contemporaries: Enlightenment Projects Vol. 2 / Routledge, 2015
  • Emma Tieffenbach – Invisible-hand Explanations, the Blindness Assumption and the Anti-Design Plea


Part 2: Even better than the invisible hand

  • Bruna Ingrao – Invisible or Visible Hands? The Image of Markets in Contemporary Macroeconomics
  • Helmut K. Anheier – The Principle of the Hiding Hand Revisited
  • Karol Muszyński – Emergence of Unintended Fit and Theory of Institutional Change. Case Study of Polish Employment Regulations and Post-crisis Public Policies


Part 3: The invisible hand, but not of the market

  • Loïc Wacquant – Crafting the Neoliberal State: Workfare, Prisonfare and Social Insecurity
  • Francisco Fernandez de Castro and Raul P. Lejano – Program Implementation and the Invisible Hand of Community: The Experience of the Conditional Cash Transfer Program in Northern Mexico
  • Steve McDonald, Scott T. Grether, Kim S. Holland and Hannah McQueen – Serendipity in the Online Job Market
  • Mikołaj Pawlak and Michał Kotnarowski – The Invisible Hand of Social Capital: Evidence from the Polish Labor Market
  • Ewa Radomska – Invisible Hand of the Law on the Example of the Spontaneous Order of Copyright


Adriana Mica, Rafał Wiśniewski, Katarzyna Wyrzykowska, Iwona Zielińska: Conclusions