Table of contents

Routledge International Handbook of Failure: Critical Perspectives from Sociology and Other Social Sciences

Adriana Mica, Mikołaj Pawlak, Anna Horolets,and Paweł Kubicki, eds. // Routledge [in preparation]


TABLE OF CONTENTS (in progress, updated 23 November 2020)

Introduction, Adriana Mica, Mikołaj Pawlak, Anna Horolets, and Paweł Kubicki



PART 1: Failure: Concepts and Typologies

  • Failed Identities: On the Processes and Meanings of Unformed Alternate Selves, Susie Scott
  • [notions of failure, performativity of failure], Oliver Kessler
  • Strategic Failures and Adaptive Failures: Individual Actions and Systemic Implications, Angelo Zotti
  • [shift of permanent failure from late- to early-stage phenomenon], Marshall W. Meyer
  • Experiments as Successful Failures, Matthias Gross
  • The Theatre of Failure: Social Media’s Role in Demonstrating Mundane Disruption, Jess Perriam
  • [technical failure and epistemology of failure], Neta Alexander


PART 2: Analytical Frameworks on Failure

  • Failure as a false category in biographical research, Kaja Każmierska
  • Failure in Intercultural Communication, Milene Mendes de Oliveira
  • Sociocultural Approaches to the Study of Failure in Context, Heli Helanummi-Cole, and Rohini Jalan
  • Valuing Plurality: Objectivist and Interpretivist Approaches to the Study of Mistakes and Failures in International Relations, Andreas Kruck
  • Economising Failure and Assembling a Failure Regime, Liisa Kurunmäki, Peter Miller and Andrea Mennicken
  • [narratives of success, failure and fiasco in foreign policy ], Kai Oppermann and Alexander Spencer
  • The Material Ecologies of Policy Failure, Timothy Carroll and Kelly Robinson
  • [maintenance, breakdown, sociomaterial order], Jérôme Denis and David Pontille



PART 3: Dynamics of Failure: Cases

  • [denial and silence, failure and absence, unmarked], Lorenzo Sabetta and Antonio Fasanella
  • Career Failure, Julia Gruhlich [TBC]
  • [failure of imagination], Max Haifen
  • [market failure], Christian Frankel
  • [failure of civil society] Akihiro Ogawa
  • [valuation as failure], Frank Meier and Thorsten Peetz
  • [persistent and recurring failures in the financial sector], James R. Barth, Clas Wihlborg and Min Gu
  • Individual and State Failures as Causal Factors in Violent Gang Formation and Armed Conflicts, Tamanna M. Shah


PART 4: Prevention of failure vs Learning from Failure

  • Invisible Elbow, Charles Tilly [republish]
  • Preventing Major Disasters: Success and Failure as Two Sides of the Same Coin, Jan Hayes
  • Beyond Policy Accidents: Learning the Lessons of Policy Failures, Michael Howlett
  • Failures in Organizational Learning: Project Appraisal at the World Bank, Michele Alacevich
  • Failing to Learn, or Learning to Fail? Accounting for Persistence in the Acquisition of Spiritual Disciplines, Erin F. Johnston
  • Failing to Build Back Better? Examining the General from the Particular: The Case of the Christchurch Rebuild, Steve Matthewman and Hugh Byrd



Part 5: Counter-rhetoric of Failure as Challenge of Neo-liberalism

  • [failure, falling, body, unstable world], Ann Cooper Albright
  • [resistance and emancipation, queer theory], Thomas Mercier
  • Cripistemologies of the Body: Disability and the Production of Counter-Knowledge, Susanne Hamscha
  • Crashing to Earth: Space, Consequence, and the Significance of Failure in a Time of Precarity, Janet O’Shea
  • Policy Failures beyond Fracasomania: Neoliberalism, Crises and Economic Policymaking in Latin America, Franz Tobias
  • [interpretation, success, neo-liberalism], Saskia Sassen


Part 6: Epistemology and Imaginary of Failure in Society and Social Sciences

  • [failure, prevention and existing theories that do or don’t contribute to an appropiate understanding of risk and risk reduction], Wolfgang Seibel
  • The Social Sciences’ Failed Analyses of Financial Institutions, Jocelyn Pixley
  • Politics, Sociology, and the “Inevitability” of Failure, Jeff Malpas and Keith Jacobs
  • [The Urban “Underclass” in the Social and Scientific Imaginary of America], Loïc Wacquant
  • [failure and ignorance in science], Stuart Firestein
  • A Mathematics of Failure: The New Mythology of Entrepreneurship, Olivier Germain