Table of contents

Routledge International Handbook of Failure: Perpestives from Sociology and Other Social Sciences

Adriana Mica, Anna Horolets, Mikołaj Pawlak and Paweł Kubicki, eds. // Routledge [in preparation]


TABLE OF CONTENTS (in progress, updated 13 January 2020 )

Introduction, Adriana Mica, Anna Horolets, Mikołaj Pawlak and Paweł Kubicki



PART 1: Types, Analytical Frameworks, Dynamics

  • [persistent and recurrent failures, sources], Michael Howlett
  • (Partial) Failures of Process Innovation and Routinization — Albert O. Hirschman, Michele Alacevich
  • experiments and successful failures, Matthias Gross
  • Strategic Failures and Adaptive Failures: Individual Actions and Systemic Implications, Angelo Zotti
  • Nudges That Fail, Cass R. Sunstein [republish]
  • [what is failure, processes of economization, rendering calculable], Liisa Kurunmäki, Peter Miller and Andrea Mennicken
  • [socio-pragmatic failure, intercultural communication], Milene Mendes de Oliveira


PART 2: Strategic Research Sites for the Study of Failure

  • The Unintended Failure of Collective Action, Francisco Linares
  • Failure and Crime: A Result of Social Causation or Social Selection or Both? Tamanna M. Shah
  • Concept of Failure for Regulated Bank, James R. Barth
  • Civil Society in Japan: Why Failed? Akihiro Ogawa
  • Failing to Build Back Better? Observations on the Christchurch Rebuild, Steve Matthewman, Hugh Byrd and Christine Kenney
  • [failed humour], Nancy D. Bell [TBC]
  • Career Failure, Julia Gruhlich



PART 3: Relation between Failure and Other Processes

  • [failure of imagination], Max Haifen
  • Failing to Learn, or Learning to Fail? Accounting for Persistence in the Acquisition of Spiritual Disciplines, Erin F. Johnston
  • The Material Ecologies of Policy Failure, Timothy Carroll and Kelly Robinson
  • Failure and Community Embeddedness, Heli Helanummi-Cole
  • Disclosing Failure: A Dramatic Moment in Social Entrepreneurship, Roxanne Persaud
  • [demonstration and failure], Jess Perriam
  • [valuation as failure] Frank Meier and Thorsten Peetz


PART 4: Related Analytical Concepts

  • [sociology of nothing, non-becoming trajectories of identity over the life course], Susie Scott
  • [denial and silence, failure and absence, unmarked], Lorenzo Sabetta
  • ritual Mistakes, Failure, and Efficacy, Ute Hüsken
  • [maintenance, breakdown, sociomaterial order], Jérôme Denis and David Pontille
  • [failure as a biographical act], Kaja Każmierska



Part 5: Great Debates in Failure Studies

  • Learning in and from Policy Failure, Claire A. Dunlop
  • [shift of permanent failure from late- to early-stage phenomenon], Marshall W. Meyer


Part 6: Failure in Social Sciences vs. Failure of Social Sciences

  • [failure of sociology about money], Jocelyn Pixley
  • [forms of failure in science], Shiv Visvanathan



Part 7: Success and Failure: Just How Big Is the Divide?

  • Invisible Elbow, Charles Tilly [republish]
  • Preventing Major Disasters: Success and Failure as Two Sides of the Same Coin, Jan Hayes
  • [success and failure in education, fear of failure, successful students, laddishness at school], Carolyn Jackson
  • [epistemology of failure, writing, failure as necessary, composition and rhetoric], Allison Carr
  • [narratives of success, failure and fiasco in foreign policy ], Kai Oppermann and Alexander Spencer
  • [interpretation, success, neo-liberalism], Saskia Sassen


Part 8: Epistemology and Imaginary of Failure in Society and Social Sciences

  • Politics and the Significance of Failure, Jeff Malpas and Keith Jacobs
  • A Mathematics of Failure: The New Mythology of Entrepreneurship, Olivier Germain
  • [The Urban “Underclass” in the Social and Scientific Imaginary of America], Loïc Wacquant